Rinse Ace Baby Sink Rinser

Ginsey Industries, Inc.
Rinse Ace Baby Sink Rinser
Ginsey Industries, Inc. 94233 - This product’s aerator replaces the aerator on your faucet. Depending on your faucet’s threads internal or external, one or both included washers are used to ensure the proper water seal when the aerator twists onto the faucet. On the instruction of the product there are specified sizes of faucets for this item.
Easy one-time installation - enclosed aerator attaches one-time to your faucet. Makes bath time safe, fast and easy. Snap-on 3-foot hose quick-connects easily to your existing faucet. This product is designed to fit the most universal three faucet size diameters: ¾” male, 15/16” female and 55/64” male.
Rinse Ace Baby Sink Rinser - This product’s hose will thread directly onto a ¾” external thread faucet without the use of the included aerator. Convenient on/off sprayer with variable flow control for a gentle spray and better rinsing. Detaches easily for safety and storage.
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Portable Height Shampoo Basin Adjustable Hair Treatment Bowl Baber Salon Tool Black Brand New PP Material
AW - Fully angle adjustable bowl can swivel front and back. A portable design, lightweight and durable. Adjustable height to accommodate any reclining or normal chair. Feature:*assemble in minutes, a drain hose to empty out water *five removable small feet to become a sturdy base *read the instruction carefully before you use specification:*bowl dimensions: 19 1/2"l x 19"w x 8 1/2"h *Height range: 25"-37" *Base Diameter: 13 1/2" *Hose Length: 56" Package Includes:*1 x Shampoo Basin *2 x Support Pipes *1 x Base *1 x Plug *1 x 56" Drain hose *1 x Instruction Assemble in minutes, convenient to use *A portable design, lightweight and durable *Brand new PP material bowl, stainless steel support pipe *Fully angle adjustable bowl can swivel front and back *Adjustable height to accommodate any reclining or normal chair *A plug to prevent the water out, convenient to use.
Brand new pp material bowl, stainless steel support pipe.
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Nova Microdermabrasion
Height Adjustable Portable Salon Deep Shampoo Basin Sink Hair Treatment Bowl with Drain Hose- Black
Nova Microdermabrasion - For travel use, and you can drain the basin into a bucket or elsewhere. It is equipped with adjustable height and angle to meet needs of different customers. Bowl dimensions: 19"l × 15"-20"w × 10"h pp bowl & stainless Steel Support Pipe, Portable hair sink made of durable ABS composite. This is our portable height adjustable shampoo basin with Stand, which is the perfect choice for beauty salons and barbershops for a professional use, It's excellent for extra large capacity.
The sink can be permanently installed and used in your salon, simply supply a water source such as a water pitcher or hose, and is also portable and can be brought directly to a client's home. For its comfortably and anywhere with great convenience it also use with wheelchair bound clients, the traveling stylist, home users.
Featurefast and easy to assemble, easy to cleanadjustable height to to meet needs of different customersa plug to prevent the water out, convenient to usePortable design to optimize spaceLightweight and durable, a drain hose to empty out waterA sturdy base for safety useSpecificationMaterial: Brand new PP bowl & Stainless Steel Support PipeBowl dimensions: 19" × 15"-20" ×10"L x W x HHeight range: 37"-54"Base diameter: 20"Hose Length: 2.
Rinse Ace Baby Sink Rinser - 9ft-4. 9ftweight: 10lbspackage including:1×Plastic Bowl1 Set×Poles1× 2. 9ft-4. 9ft drain hose1×base1 set×accessoriesscrews, also very stylish, yet loaded with professional features, bolt1× Assembiy instructions This extra-large capacity bowl is lightweight and economical, anchors, easy to clean and low maintenance.
Comes with all accessories and fixtures.
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Adjustable Height - Black - Saloniture Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain
Saloniture - Both tilt and height settings are locked into place with tension knobs. The hose is 62" long, and is 1-1/4" in diameter to fit standard drain connections unit does not include a water sprayer or any connections for water supply. It includes a rubber plug stopper to fit the drain opening at the bottom of the basin and a ribbed, flexible drain hose that connects to the underside of the drain.
The basin is fully adjustable and accommodates reclining or standard chairs; it can be tilted front or back to any working angle and the bowl can be raised or lowered as needed. This extra-large capacity bowl measures 18-1/2" front to back, 17" across, 6" deep and is also removable. Portable hair sink made of durable ABS composite.
Rinse Ace Baby Sink Rinser - It is very sturdy and includes a strong pedestal base with a 1-1/2" diameter chrome-metal riser, and 5 legs that make up a 20" diameter base. Its stain-resistant and easy-to-clean bowl is constructed from durable ABS composite, and the edge is rolled for strength and client comfort. The height is adjustable from 33" to 48.
5" measured from the floor to the top front of the basin when in its level position. Tilts to function with practically any seating arrangement. Composite feet / bumpers on the bottom of the stand protect your floors from marks. Instructions for minor assembly are included.
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Betty Dain Hair Funnel For Upright Position Washing / Shampooing
Betty Dain 815 - Offers a comfortable alternative for the elderly, handicapped, or individuals with neck problems. Perfect for the elderly, handicapped, or individuals with neck or back issues. Designed and manufactured by betty Dain, which has listened to the needs of the beauty industry and created high-quality solutions for over 60 years.
The betty dain hair funnel is the ideal solution for washing, shampooing, and rinsing hair in an upright position. Simple design allows water to be diverted to a bowl or sink. The design allows water to be diverted to a bowl, sink or tub without making a mess, and a Velcro closure ensures the funnel stays in place during use.
Rinse Ace Baby Sink Rinser - Easily wash, shampoo, and rinse hair in an upright position. Ideal for improving accessibility for salon clients who may have physical limitations and can't use a traditional shampoo bowl. Easy velcro closure keeps funnel secure when in use. This simple yet convenient funnel is perfect for anyone who might have difficulty or discomfort using shampoo bowls or other traditional hair washing methods.
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ZENY Pro Portable Shampoo Sink Basin w/Drain Height Adjustable Salon Hair Treatment Bowl, Black Black
ZENY JA01026 - Both tilt and height settings are locked into place with tension knobs ✦ Comes with a drain hose height 2. 9ft-4. 9ft, and is also portable and can be brought directly to a client's home ✦ easy to assemble, user friendly and water saving ✦ portable and easy to carry, easily be assembled to empty out water ✦ A plug is designed to prevent the water out, move and transport, the sink can be permanently installed and used in your salon, instructions for minor assembly are included SPECIFICATION Color: Black Material: Brand New PP Bowl & Stainless Steel Support Pipe Bowl Dimensions: 19" × 15"-20" ×10"L X W X H Height Range: 37"-54" Base Diameter: 20" Hose Length: 2.
9ft-4. 9ft weight: 10lbs package contents 1×plastic Bowl 1 Set×Poles 1× 2. 9ft-4. 9ft drain hose 1×base 1 set×accessoriesscrews, bolt 1× Assembiy Instructions Fast and easy to Assemble, Anchors, Convenient To Use. Lightweight And Durable, Easy To Clean. Portable Design To Optimize Space. Adjustable height To To Meet Needs Of Different Customers.
Rinse Ace Baby Sink Rinser - Want a shampoo hair washing bowl for a professional use at beauty salons or barbershops ? zeny deep shampoo basin sink bow with drain hose perfectly suits the needs to do hair treatment easily and comfortably FEATURES ✦ Made of durable PP plastic, the bowl sink is stain-resistant and easy to clean, lightweight yet durable ✦ Edge is considerately designed rolled for strength and client comfort ✦ Fully angle adjustable bowl can swivel front and back ✦ Height is adjustable from 37"-54", low maintenance ✦ Stainless steel support pipe ensures secure and long lasting ✦ Compact portable design, flexibly accommodate any reclining or normal chair.
A plug to prevent the water Out, A Drain Hose To Empty Out Water.
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Jensen (Home Improvement)
Sink Spray Hose Portable Shampoo Sprayer
Jensen (Home Improvement) 7653800TB - Easily convert your tub spout to a quick and easy shower for your pet, infant or hair washing in seconds. Durable shampoo sprayer slips onto faucet and holds tight. The unit is flexible and may fit other sizes as well but it cannot be guaranteed to fit all spouts ". Turns most sinks into a shower. Contains one shampoo spray.
Easily remove for convenient storage for next time use. Note:this will fit most spouts that are 1 3/8 to 1 3/4 inches in outside diameter. Ideal for washing hair, washing pets, and bathing infants.
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Best Choice Products® Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin Hair Treatment Bowl Salon Tool Black
Best Choice Products SKY1397 - Features: black coated gloss finish, acrylic fiber reinforced; larger bowl for larger work area; made of injection molded plastic; tougher, stronger and eliminates stains and fading; Adjustable height 39" - 54" & angle; Bowl Dimensions: 19"L x 20"W x 10"H; Base: 20"W; Hose:extends to 7ft; Tools and hardware Black coated gloss finish.
This black-coated gloss finish sink is extremely durable and lightweight. Hose:extends to 7ft. Made of injection molded plastic. It's also very stylish, easy to clean and comes with accessories and fixtures. Our shampoo bowl is designed especially for beauty salons, spas or barbershops. Bowl dimensions: 19"l x 20"W x 10"H.
Rinse Ace Baby Sink Rinser - Adjustable height 39" - 54".
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Saloniture Beauty Salon Rolling Trolley Cart With 5 Drawers
Saloniture - This multipurpose trolley is perfect for beauty salons, nail technicians and other professionals looking for a utility cart with tons of storage and an attractive, pet groomers, tattoo shops, accessible design. Fast and easy assembly; no tools required. The top tier features several recessed compartments.
There are two 4-1/4" diameter compartments and two side compartments both 13" long and 2-3/4" wide 4-3/8" wide at the center; all are 1-3/4" deep. Each drawer is fully removable, and their tracks are beveled at the ends to prevent them from opening accidentally during trolley movement. The width of this unit expands to 32-1/4" when two drawers are suspended from the top sides.
Rinse Ace Baby Sink Rinser - Overall dimensions: 19-1/2" long, 12-1/2" wide, and 32-1/2" tall. Instructions are included. On the top of the trolley are two grooves one on each side, each designed to receive and hold one of the pullout drawer trays. Five removable slide-out drawers. Top working area with several compartments and appliance holders.
There are five round openings at the end of the cart to hold accessories or tools: two openings 2-3/8" in diameter, and three 1-3/16" in diameter. The surfaces are chemical resistant and extremely easy to clean. This cart includes five slide-out drawers, 9" wide, each measuring 13" long, and 2-3/4" deep.
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Soft 'N Style
SOFT 'N STYLE Portable Shampoo Sprayer
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Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty 3W Black
BestSalon BS-3W - Double-reinforced saddle sticking prevents ripping and tearing! Heavy duty hydraulic pump make height adjustment easier. Inside seat dimension, 20" Long, 19" Wide. Classic hydraulic barber chair Styling Salon Beauty 3W Heavy duty steel Frame!Premium chrome round base. Small cell high density foam for extra comfort of your client.
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