Perma Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide 71”, Grey

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Perma Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide 71”, Grey
Perma Products 2741 - Manufactured from steel, our gates are robotically welded for superior strength, with nylon plastic components for durability and powder coated for the perfect finish. Standards approved: all gate lines are tested to the highest safety standards, meeting or exceeding both ASTM or EN standards - each gate is certified and includes a one year limited warranty.
Each gate is certified and includes a one year limited warranty. Children & pets: built for functionality, the Extra Wide Extra Tall Metal Baby Gate works as both an infant gate and a pet gate to provide a safe, closed off environment to play. The outdoor retractable gate is no exception and is ideal for infants 6 - 24 months and medium sized dogs up to 40 pounds.
Perma Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide 71”, Grey - At perma child safety, we pride ourselves on the best creative, functional, and technologically advanced child safety equipment provided at an affordable price. Product details: this outdoor retractable gate extends up to 71 inches wide and is 33 inches tall and includes components for easy installation - screws, catch mounts, wall spacer shims for the baseboards, and installation guides.
Retractable design: this outdoor retractable Gate is a versatile home safety solution, allowing easy use in high traffic areas without the trouble of disassembly and designed to adjust to any door size up to 71 inches. Life doesn’t just happen inside which is why we made this Outdoor Retractable Gate durable enough to endure the elements but functional enough for indoor use.
Perma child Safety provides safety solutions for the next generation. All gate lines are tested to the highest safety standards, meeting or exceeding both ASTM and EN standards.
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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Retractable Gate
Summer Infant 33020 - Durable mesh fabric with decorative pattern. Baseboard kit included for installation where baseboards are present, no extra purchase necessary. Hardware mounted for added security and use at top of stairs or between rooms hardware included. Enjoy the full walk-through space of your entrances with Summer Infant's fully Retractable Gate as it provides an innovative alternative to traditional hardware mounted gates without the hassle of always having a closed barrier between rooms.
30" tall and fits openings up to 50" wide. Simple locking lever, push down to lock and pull up to unlock.
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Little Llama
Sleek Space Saving Solution to Protect Children from Hazards - Little Llama Retractable Indoor / Outdoor Safety Gate
Little Llama Gate1-White - Retracts out of the way and takes very little space when not in use. Includes 8 screws, mounting brackets and 6 of the 1/4 inch thick spacers-- 1 Year Warranty Tips for Installation:-- For drywall, use a drill, 8 anchors, a 3/16" drill bit and the plastic anchros. Try our retractable safety gate now! Retractable -- blocks doorway, hallway, or stairway up to 54 inches 137cm.
No more need for multiple gates in the house, and no more tripping over metal bars on the floor from traditional child barriers! details:-- fits opening up to 54" Maximum 138cm-- Gate Height: 34", Mesh Screen Heigh: 31" -- Passed ASTM F1004-13 Safety Standards What's Included:-- 1 Retractable Safety Gate by Little Llama -- 1 Installation and User Guide and 1 Set of paper drilling guide needed for installation -- 1 Set of installation hardware for the gate and gate latches.
Perma Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide 71”, Grey - For hard surfaces such as wood, drill using a 3/32" drill bit, and insert the screw directly into the hole without using the plastic anchor. The #8 screw will insert into the plastic anchor. When not in use, the gate takes minimal space and blends in well. Note our safety gates are not the cheapest, but we make it up by being the lightest, sleakest looking gate that won't clutter your home.
The flexible mesh material extends to block access to any openings up to 54 inches wide. The gate can be retracted by twisting the nob to release the gate lock. A child / dog gate that Works Great and Looks Great.
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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Banister to Banister Universal Gate Mounting Kit
Summer Infant 27573 - Do not mount to spindles less than 2 inch in diameter. Accommodates banister to banister or banister to wall installation at the top or bottom of stairs, and in-between doorways and other openings. This innovative kit provides easy banister to banister and banister to wall installation of most hardware and pressure mounted gates without the need to drill into banisters.
Fits round or square banisters. Kit includes: 2 installation posts, 4 security straps, 6 brackets for round and square banisters, and 12 wood screws optional use. Gate sold separately. Gate sold separately. Accommodates most hardware and pressure mounted gates up to 37" tall.
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Cases & Pieces
Premium Adjustable 47" Retractable No-Trip Safety Gate for Doorway Stairs Baby Toddlers and Small Pets
Cases & Pieces SG19-20 - The woven mesh fabric is resilient and appealing. This high-quality safety gate is an excellent and unobtrusive addition to a doorway or stairway in your home. Retractable. This gate may be adjusted to its full width of 47" and anywhere in between. Adjustable width; Full Width = 47". No trip Technology. The gate understated design allows for great functionality while not over-taking your interior theme.
Woven Mesh Fabric. The gate is easy to install and great for use on small children to toddlers and small pets.
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Protect Banisters + Walls - EZ-Fit: 42" Baby Gate Walk Thru Adapter Kit for Stairs + Child and Pet Safety - Please review all bullets and description prior to purchase - ONLY includes 1 adapter side
LPA1 LPA1142 - Only 1 one adapter is included. Great way to protect your child or pet without damaging banisters or rails - Suitable for top and bottom stairs. Note that gate pictured is NOT included. Only the adapter. You can also travel with the EZ-Fit safety gate. Gate pictured is not included!please note that only one side is included as most banisters have a wall on the other side of the stairs, thus 2 pieces are not necessaryEZ-Fit safety gate adapter kit makes a great addition to any safety gate in your home.
Works with all safety gates - giving you peace of mind. Note that gate pictured is not included. Also note that if your banister is round, this will not work as it is a solid piece of wood and not rounded. Maximum circumference is 18" around. Makes a great gift. Easy to install - works will all kinds of safety gates.
Perma Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide 71”, Grey - It is suitable for top and bottom of stairs and fits most stair posts and banisters does not work with round banisters. It is universal and can be used with most any brand hardware or pressure mounted gates. This gate adaptor is quick and easy to fit requiring no tools or drilling. Add it to your cart today!AGAIN, please note that only 1 side is included in the kit.
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Dreambaby Retractable Gate, Black
Dreambaby L943 - All the plastic components and mesh are UV treated. Fits narrow to wider openings up to 140cm 55in. Lightweight. It is easy to install using the included template. It comes with two sets of mounting hardware so that it can be used in two different locations. Easy to install. The screws and hardware are made of galvanized steel so that this item may be used outdoors on a deck or patio.
No tripping hazard. Simply turn the knob to unlock and then unlatch the gate. The product is a hardware mount gate and you must have the ability to mount it to a wall, not the underside of a cabinet. This gate is designed to open with one hand. Comes with two sets of hardware for mounting in two locations. The new stylish dreambaby black Retractable gate will fit an opening up to 55" wide and is 34" tall.
Perma Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide 71”, Grey - Can be used indoor and outdoor. It has a one handed easy opening system and is suitable for top and bottom of stairways, hallways, and doorways.
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Animals Favorite
Animals Favorite Pet Retractable Safety Gate, Indoor and Outdoor Protection Safety Gate
Animals Favorite 02-00027-01 - Light and easy - Lightweight quality material, easy to use and assembly. Safety gate size: 45. 3" w x 32. 5" h. This safe gate is the easiest and most discrete way to protect pets all arround the house. When not in use, the gate takes minimal space and blends perfectly to your home and decor,  with an elegant design.
Keep curious pets out of harm’s way with the animals favorite Retractable Safety Gate Keep your and pets within your safe limits while not worrying about whether they are at the kitchen, near stairs, or on their way to going out of front door. Retractable Safety Gate Size: 45. 3" w x 32. 5" h easy to install using included template will fit an opening up to 45 inches material: polyethylene and stainless steel For Indoor and Outdoor use! Tools needed for installation: Electric Drill, 3/16" drill bit, and 3/32" drill bit WARNINGS: This gate is exclusively for use as a pet barrier and not for child safety.
Perma Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide 71”, Grey - Pet safety enclosure perfect for doorways, between walls, or stairwells, indoors and outdoors. Flexible - unique woven barrier that easily retracts to fully or partially quick pass-through. Enough of tripping over metal bars on the floor so you can protect your little ones. Its flexible material extends to block access to any openings up to 45 inches wide.
Built with tough partially see-through woven mesh fabric woven to withstand abuse from pets.
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Retractable Safety Gate - Super Safe 36.6" Tall and Opens up to 55" - Gaterol Active Lite White
Gaterol - If not needed roll it up. Super safe 36. 6" tall because taller is safer. Minimal space requirements. Shaking and rattling the unit will not knock it over since it is securely fastened with screws. Your child's fingers cannot be jammed or pinched. As there are no metal screen bars, head injuries are prevented should your child rave.
A warning sound will alert you if the gate opens unintentionally. Be aware of saving options when purchasing more than one gate at a time. Safety warningssafety gates are approved for children from the crawling stage to 24 months. When attached and used as instructed, this product complies with ASTM F1004. This safety gate is for domestic and indoor use only.
Perma Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide 71”, Grey - Warning! this safety gate must not be fitted across windows. Warning! read the instructions before installation, as incorrect installation can be dangerous. Proven to be used with your Child and/or Pets. Gaterol active lite - Our innovative design offers safe functionality, appealing design and a family friendly price.
Super Safe 36. 6" tall because taller is safer.
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Dorel Juvenile Group-CA
Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock, White
Dorel Juvenile Group-CA HS289 - You'll know that the surface on the sides hides the actual secret to opening the door. Your child will think the decoy button will let them open the door, but pushing it has no effect. Curious kids try to explore everywhere, but the Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock helps you keep them safer with the first ever decoy button.
Prominent decoy button can be pushed by child, with no effect. Easy installation. Unique design fits most lever handles. It installs easily and can be operated by an adult with a squeeze on the hidden buttons built into the hinge. Simple operation. Hinge hides functional buttons in plain sight. The lever lock is a clever way to prevent your little explorer from accessing off-limit rooms.
Perma Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide 71”, Grey - The decoy button won't do anything when pushed, but adults in the know can easily open the door.
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Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 29" to 39" Wide
Regalo 1160 DS - This is a convenient walk through design and is perfect for doorways and staircases. Easy to use lever handle features a one-touch release safety lock. It comes with an extension extends gate by 6" "es and fits opening from 29" to 39". This is perfect for pets too. This easy step walk through gate is as 31" tall gate is easy to install and remove.
Please note the top of page 3 within the Instruction Manual. Sturdy, all metal frame. The gate must be fully assembled within the doorway or opening to eliminate gap between the handle. Also, included in the packaging are wall cups that can be added to the gate for additional security. Hardware to mount to wall included; 6" extension included.
Perma Outdoor Retractable Gate, Extra Wide 71”, Grey - The lever style handle offers an easy one touch release. Convenient walk through design. All of this information can be found within the Instruction Manual that is provided within the packaging. It is easy to install and take down. Easy set up with pressure mounts, some assembly required. This is a pressure mounted gate and must be pressured between an opening to properly function.
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